Reviews for "Abig black guy named Bass"

wtf thats very funny

a big black guy named BASS (girl voice)
guy go to the car
bass: get away from the car you mother fu***r
its so funny


I watched this a long time ago and ended up coming back to watch it again. It's just that funny to me. Not only does it have a nice way of telling someone to not steal (GET AWAY FROM THE CAR MUTHA FUCKA) but it also has a hint of hilarious racism that most people haven't seemed to say anything about. Come on, we all know that a lot of people find Black people intimidating, but a BIG black guy is definitely something to not mess with lol, and I'm Black so don't think that I'm racist when I say that lol. One thing I don't like, and it's nothing you did, is how people say Bass' name. It's not bass like a damn fish, it's bass like a bass guitar. It's obvious because most of the main characters have music in their names (Rock, Roll, Rush, Bass, Treble).


lol if you take the key with you how do they jack ur car


hhahahahha hella funny

very funny

gettaway from the car muthafuka!