Reviews for "FrankClock Tells Jokes"

i agree

at least in the final line you acknowledged how much you do suck. what was that? a five minute job. show things like these to your friends and don't subject us all by posting them.

the monkey came

he popped out and shot us all with thompson the monkey

Don't give up!

Well I thought it was funny. You are the next Eddie Izzard.

If Humour could go into negative figures.....

....then this would get a -5. It's really really very terrible. And please spare me the witty comments Frank, I don't want to split my sides laughing again.

frankclock movies are funny

greetings earthlings , we meet again .
i love the clocks and frankclock movies are funny , only one thing XIAOXIAO doesnt SUCK !!!!!!! grrrrr