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Reviews for "LOZ - Twilight Problem"

This is either understated awesomeness, or merely mediocre. I simply cannot decide. Some of it is very good, some of it is just dumb. I can't decide what my overall feeling is... hmm... 4 stars. =D

hé! i saw this on youtube!

lols that thing creeps me out too.

i liked this game alot it was the first zelda game i actually played but it was amazing and midna is still my fav char on it.


i have the game TWILIGHT PRINCESS AND this rocks and link gets hurt alot hey ca u tell me if mindna loves link cuse when i got down with the game all she sed was link i......... and then POOF i never knew if she loved him oh and this was the best movie ever!!!!! XD


Link gives Midna the bird.