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Reviews for "Kirby's mishaps"

this makes poop look good

sr but this realy isn't funny unless you are a little kid. And i don't see any pipsqueeks on newgrounds.
my point is: this wan't funny
too many bathroom jokes

ThePigeonMaster responds:

too many bathroom jokes? the only bathroom joke was the 4th. And anyway you're an alt. So I don't need to listen to you. I only take care low score reviews from truly users.
Be careful of what you write, man.

Entertaining but a few things i should point out

first off you can't just put "LOL" up in random scenes unless it's supposed to be funny i mean i could understand the part with the waddle dee and kirby but what is funny about the little yellow bird in the skyworld scene? i did not understand it and the movie ran a little bit slow but people most likely didn't notice unless they payed attention. now on a Positive note: This movie was pretty funny i laughed a few times at some of the scenes and it sort of reminded me of that classic entertaining Super Mario Land series (if you don't know about it look it up) all and all this was a pretty entertaining movie and i enjoyed it so i give this an 8 out of 10 for it's entertaining scenes but only a slight bit of mistakes.