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Reviews for "Kirby's mishaps"

Master kirby!!!!

Omfg!!!! I loled til i died,went to hevan,and came back to life as PIT!!! lol just kidding i came back as 1 of kirbys slaves. i refer to him as master kirby now. Hope other people like it as much as i did. XP

OMFG pit! and the bird xD

hahaha the damn waddle dee, and the n64 songs, freaking awesome my friend


that was funny as f***!!!! that mushroom was a total fag lmao. when kirby ate s*** and became shirby, that was priceless XD!!!! eating meta knight's sword didn't work this time lmfao!!!!

that waddle dee

hey you should have put mario in it


the flying waddle dee made the thing a whole lot better