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Reviews for "*Hyperanimation! Pilot"


I didn't expect this kind of work at all. I expected the usual first-of-the-series dross. But this was really good!

keep it up for the next episode :)

Nice work!

Good smooth animation, entertaining followable storyline. Funny. Etc. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Only thing I'd say is the comic timing was little slow at points, though the jokes were good. It's also the first episode of this concept, so that is to be expected. All in all, great movie and I look forward to more. This series has wonderful potential. Good work!


Random jokes are realy good. Make longer videos. GoodJob tbh...


When I saw most of the jokes I thought "that was dumb" then two seconds later I thought "No wait, thats hilarious!" I don't know why I expected the jokes to be bad, but enough about the in's and out's of my "mind" if it can so be called, this was awesome!


Great jokes, animation and drive. Straight into my faves.