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Reviews for "*Hyperanimation! Pilot"


great!I hope you make more!

Denial about global warming

You're in denial. ALL climate scientists recognize that global temperatures have been rising. All you have to do is look at the recorded temperatures over the past hundred years. That part is a fact, it's not open to debate. MOST climate scientists believe that a substantial part of the temperature increase is due to human industry.

GunBooster responds:

Maybe the sun is a troll. A troll on the great message board that is life. Didja ever think of that one, smarty-pants?


If you haven't watched this, then watch it. This is great. I hope that this is a long running series, because it's hilarious and random. Great animation and everything.


random as hell but i lik it smooth animations
good shit


i loved it.it is hilarious watcghit if u havent