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Reviews for "*Hyperanimation! Pilot"


duude that was hilarious.


keep it up man :] and uh, what font did you use in the credits?

GunBooster responds:

BadaBoom. It can be found at dafont.com


The voices need a little work but apart from that it was pretty good.

The voice actors need to 'mean' their lines rather than just saying them.

GunBooster responds:

As stated before, we're amateurs. Also, we had a serious deadline. So, we didn't do very many takes. (Hence the sun's line "Or so you think so")


very nice! a good style of animating!
good graphics! and at the same time a very funny flash animation!

keep it up!


yah uhh i agree with moggsterfish this could be the next blockhead cuz its like random and awesum and sugary and has the color yellow and has oven mits and has broadway singers etc.