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Reviews for "*Hyperanimation! Pilot"


omg just for the menu music im giving u a 10/10. I LOVE LAGWAGON!!! PUNK 4 LIFE BIZNATCHES.


LOL! i like it, the naimations prett good and so ae the jokes but you need to work on the sound. There was something else but i cant put my funger on it...anyhoo, Good work, keep it up! ^_^


Pretty good but it could have been better if it was a lil' less predictable. all in all though a very good flash.

GunBooster responds:

If it was predictable, you must be a psychic or a soothsayer or clairvoyant somehow...

Pretty good...

The only thing I would comment on is first off the parts where the audio gets a bit "hard on the ears" and was kind of painful to hear. I believe it was the part where the brain cells became sugar blasted.
And some of the animation could use a little bit more work on but overall I would say it's an interesting series and could become something great with some actual effort put into it.