Reviews for "LL: The end of the world"


i like the jets, but i voted 4 because i dont do things if you tell me to


i love it


This was really very good. I liked the animation and the choice of music -- which was what, BTW? -- was very appropriate. I only wish it was longer, or if there was more of a buildup of the action, or greater tension or some damn thing. Anyway, really good flash, just wish there was a bit more to it!

nice, sir

it was cool, but short. it was ending a bit surprisingly and quick. so, yea, i felt dissapointed. you could add more length, and well.... more story to this, it could be a good piece of flash, and to also have LL characters in it. or something similar like CC guys.still, good for a short movie sir

umm... alright

summary: plane drops bomb, nuclear war, everyone is dead. about a minute long if i remember correctly. it could definitely be better. if you're making a movie like this, then at least show us the Earth with bombs going off everywhere.