Reviews for "Walk in the Woods"

I love this! This makes me laugh every time!. I noticed a few things though, the Rhinoceros did not have solid crap, it was diarrhea, and it looked like the smoke from the plain was also crap, first, because it stayed in the air, second, it almost looked brown. AND, one last thing I noticed, that others might have not, is that when the bear died, there was blood at the top of the poop. I am guessing the squirrel was a squirrel, I'm guessing that because it looked like a tazer, with eyes, and a cotton ball strapped to its butt. It was good nevertheless and seems to entirely original, but I cant shake off the feeling that the plane crash was a reference from something. (BTW I didn't mean to make it sound like I didn't approve of you squirrel, because I did like how your squirrel is like no other, and if it is actually a rabbit, then its a good rabbit, and if its a bird [{( I don't know which I am supposed to use[{([({I know its not a bird})])}])}} then its a good bird. ((I agree to just about everything that makes sense, and to things that make so little sense, I don't care if it makes sense or not.)))

I have not laughed like that for a video in years. Brilliantly simple, yet hilarious and unconventional. It takes class to turn something fairly disgusting into something so friggin' awesome. I have no qualms about this vid. Great Work!

I so very rarely say this, but... what did I just watch? O_o

the fuq is with the horn gu-......ouch....uhhh....and so started jurasic Park.....

The fuck I just saw?