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Reviews for "Easter Rampage"


I like killing things. Good easter spoof!

Pretty fun

The game is fun but it could get boring if you play for to long. Als o the graphics arnt so great and the theme of killing people and animals and harvesting theyre remains for a fuel to carry on your rampage isnt well matched with a religious holiday that is supposed to mean peace and love and stuff... XD


nice game, I like it.
the gameplay is smooth. But I'd love to see more different things to crush :D

Nice game

I like it. It is pretty good and it's fun.

Not a bad game

This was interesting to play because it seemed to have really innovative graphics. The thing I did not like was how it was hard to build up rage. Depth perception is everything in this game and you have to make sure everything is on the same level. I guess looking at the shadows can help. Then again, I guess you do not need to go on "Rage" mode to advance. Another thing, don't go on the sides of the street to just catch the ones who wander there.

You have to keep on killing to not get a "Game Over". The best thing was the graphics and especially the design of the vehicle. When I first heard this title, I thought it was a part of those "Bunny Rampage" games. While those are probably better games, this is nice for a quick play. It's more challenging than you would think.