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Reviews for "Eevee Party 2"


Ahhh, good old Fall Out Boy. Nice choice for a song, and top notch animation, too.
Looking forward to EP3...


Where's my character, Thyst?


Its not very often that I'm here on Newgrounds that I read a name of a submition and its familiar. Its nice to see a couple of the people I know in here (not speaking of the multiple times I had to watch it to catch them all...) The animation is nice and all the different kinds of eevees in this it serves to remind me of the zero creativity I have, I didn't much care for the music but thats just being picky. But overall it was very well done


A Si! ... Happy to see you again!

The video was brilliant. I found it moved very smoothly, and everything seemed to fit together well and synchronize with the video perfectly. ... Plus, who can resist dancing Eevees? ^.~

A+ I say

The animation was beautiful and this was wonderful