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Reviews for "Eevee Party 2"

it rules

its so totaly awsome it mustiv tooken a long time to make


THAT WAS SO FRICKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome < 3

So many eevees ^w^
That makes me want to do something with my eevees.

very good!

this is the best one i like! i seen it and i know i love this...

furry overload! XP

wooooooow! that was a lot of eevees! They were all so cute I thought that my head would expload! The movie itself in general was amazing, with a wide variety of fluent and very different moves littered all around the place. The music was catchy, and in perfect synch with the movie's actions/ lead singer's actions. You should do a yoshi party next (cus i wanna come too.... :'( ). That was one crazy eeveeliscous rave, and I can see no other score but 5 and 10 to give it. Amazing work, and please tell me there's another one in the making? *clasps hands together and makes biiig hopeful puppydog eyes* Plllleeeeeeeeaaaseeeeee?