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Reviews for "Eevee Party 2"

Screw the guy below (o god, here we go...)

I actually thoroughly enjoyed that. Random, yes, but I understand how there a many different drawings that people do. These characters wouldn't happen to be part of a forum your on, no? Or just all of them are yours? If the latter is the case, than maybe a little too much free time is on your hands >.<

Ragerdless, I enjoyed the theme and the overal quality of the drawings and attention to musical technicalities. Ignore the bottom guy. He doesn't know what he's talking about. >.<


bad-asi responds:

i only have one character which is the dog looking one. others are my friend's characters. i animate friends' character once a while, because others have designs that i never think about.
thank you so much for like my work


.....are the reviews below actually serious?!

mate,fall out boy isnt a good band.
All emos comment your work,thats not good.
This movie is about EEVEES PLAYING GUITAR and thats definately not good.
And come on,it's pokemon. Your 20,making tunes about eevees playing guitar.
How to improve? less fallout boy,less eevees,less foxes.
This video is just not good,however The intro aka "soul" and even that dog thing (hope its not eevee.) is half decent good effort on that.
Yeah good.


Great animation, great drawings, 5/5 10/10

pretty cool

liked the character design, and loved the music. lip sync could have been better though... pretty fun to watch, good job


Pretty good animation, and a fine choice of music, to be sure.