Reviews for "Wedgie Toss 2"

record so far

try and beat a record of 609. (to do that, angle=all the way dow, Speed= max)

Mine was... 519...?!?

HOLY SHIT!!! I didn't realise how good that was! Awesome game!


I like that now we get to stick it to the ggod guys.
For those of you who don't play Urbaniacs, the original had a Henchling in Johnny's place.
Hope to see some mor Urb-games on here.

That was pretty fun lol

My highest score was 459 ft. i guess i beat haseo's score. of 413. lol It's fun, mindless and i just like to see how long he goes bouncing. You should make this with more characters like a girl, a baby, animals, some other things. and maybe add a few items in the mix so he could stay in the air longer or something. that would be really creative. i dunno. good work. great cartoony graphics and animation and gameplay.


my high score was 413 feet i owned in that game lol