Reviews for "Wedgie Toss 2"


it was a wonderful game with clean animations and with an entertaining side twist...
if u hit the clotheslines u could get an outfit to wear for a short timee... it was a wonderful game for 5 minutes/... maybe you could add a storyline of some kind where they fling him so far he has time to escape or sumthing like that.. o yea and 1 thing kept blocking me.... this glass of sum kind.. i hated it it but keep it there no matter what any1 says...same with the clothES LINE make new outfits too and maybe when u unlock them u can wear them at the beggining of the game like a trophy of sum kind.. yea! keep up the good work/

All Right I guess

Not the best ever but reasonably kool

kool game

but those windows are really annoying

i love this game

it was pretty good, but he slow down really quick so it was hard for me

i got i think 654 or somethin like that

cool game!

i got 942!