Reviews for "Sad robot"

Couldn't hold my attention

The sound was terrible quality, I'm hoping that's just a glitch with the pop-up? I gave up watching because nothing really happened for so long, I think it would help to cut it a bit shorter and get to the point quicker, which would help to keep people watching. Seemed like it would be good, if I had the time to sit and wait, maybe.

doesn't work

This may seems like a pointless reason to downgrade and maybe i's just me but, doesn't work

Poor dear...

I gotta go with Rad619619 on this one, you gotta come up with something less depressing next time. When I was watching, I was hoping it'd just turn out that kid died, because that'd at least be a good reason for abandoning his best friend.

People have complained about this being long, & maybe it is, but I didn't care much because it gripped me. I felt a desire to go to the robot, clean him up, & show him that everything will be all right. That, & smack that kid who broke his heart.

I like it

I certainly do, but it's just because the rithm, but the animation was kinda boring I'll rate it seven, 'k?


I must agree with the assessment of the spectator of the dancing robot: "That was boring." Really, I haven't seen something this boring on NG in a long time. The animation was almost a minimal effort, it seemed, and the song was simple and pointless. There was a cohesive theme, but the theme was boring and irrelevant. Sorry, I just can't see this one being a quality flash by usual standards.