Reviews for "The NG Maze 2"

This music reminds me of the Impossible Game...

Aw man, I thought this was going to be an improved version but it turns out it's the same thing as the last one, just new levels! It could really use some better movement control, pause screens between attempts and more elaborate level designs (just a background texture would do a lot). The idea is great though, hope you keep at it!


difficulty extremely impossible


fix lvl 42.
Make a anti cheat system.

Nice game but...

yea, as you've probably heard plenty of times, level 42 is not working correctly, and you may want to patch the game, because as I've seen before on a "how to cheat" game, if you click alt after starting it, puting your cursor on the finnish, and press alt again, you will atomatically win. There is something to think about for next time. Good luck.