Reviews for "The NG Maze 2"

Where did you get the icons?

I Want to know, so i can do cool stuff with them!

Theres a big glitch...

Sorry, you might want to fix something. By moving my cursor off the red circle and out of the pop up quickly, the maze stays showing and then i simply moved the cursor round the pop up and on to the level icon as quick as i could. This worked a lot of levels and then i got bored of cheating. The games nothing special, it might be if you work on it a lot more and fix that glitch.


creativity is good, the games is friggin hard with a faulty mouse though. not too entertaining and barely noticable. not really any staying power.


you can press tab when your mouse is on the end and the game hasnt started yet and you win. since you didnt move the ending place all i had to do was put my mouse on the end and press tab a bunch. may want to fix that.

Phil responds:

So i lose 9 points for that.

It was easy

But it was easy for only one reason. If you right-click at the starting point and then move to the end and left-click, you would easily pass the level.
The music worked well with it though, especially Level 60.