Reviews for "The NG Maze 2"


I admired the concept of it and it turned rather challenging to the end.

Phil responds:


Tisk Tisk, Zombie Phil

Phil, I see your work on the portal every day... I know you just started flash like me, but you need your own ideas! I mean really, you made, I think, 15 games that are just like the impossable quiz (but worse). Take this as a learning experence. Most people would rather have qualty, then quantety (or however you spell it). Take time in your games. You could make a great game if you put time into it! Like everybody else said, FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, DO NOT make a mouse avoider game!! There is about 30 mouse avoider games i see every day on newgrounds, and you sir, are the 31...

Now i shall review your game...
-To easy
-u can just right click and beat it, thats what i did.
-the levels stayed the same, all easy and stupid, a baby could beat it.
-how are levels 40, 50 and 60 bosses, they all seem like everyother level, all you did was put (boss level) next to the level number.
-that music is used in every crappy game
-why try 2 find the secrets? I mean the game is 2 easy itself, i dont need a short cut, it was just more work for you!

Final Word
Phil, you are good with animation, but u need 2 use YOUR ideas, dont take them from Newgrounds Pass or The Impossable quiz (which i know you did) So please, work on something for a week, not a minuit

Phil responds:

newgrounds pass is completley differant

isnt there alot of games like this?

umm well i get on every onice in a while and i see a game like this every day on the flash portail and this isnt anything better then them.
oh well ill rate it a 3 because im too nice.

not bad

it was pretty good the only problem is that u can cheat by right clicking and going to the finish but still not that bad

lol hard if you dont cheat >:D

got to lvl 60, man it was hard, cheated though, but if u really want to play it fair do it....
It was a good game simple, yet fun to play, though it got boring after a while soo i started cheating.

3/5 vote