Reviews for "The NG Maze 2"

no fun

far too easy you need to take away being able to right click then left click the rank icon


that was a long authors reply below

Phil responds:


lol i won

congratulations you have won the NG level2 maze

YES!!! :D
They was a bit the same after 5 levels or so!

Pretty Poor

Firstly, I want to say to some of the reviewers that this isn't a Newgrounds Pass rip-off, the whole gameplay is completely different. The only things Phil might have nicked are having level icons representing actual levels and having 30 levels in each of the two games, that;s all.

Anyway, onto the actual review:
I was pretty disappointed, you should have redefined taken the time to find or create a code which disables the right click option or a related alternative. Also, use this code:

on(keyPress "<Tab>") {
gotoAndStop() ;

to disable tab. I would also recommend having moving enemies in the mazes to spice things up rather than just having lots of generic maze designs. Good luck with future games.

i like it a bit but bad

but it was sort of like newgronds pass and not origanal enough
i agree with other reviews theres also a cheat