Reviews for "QOTLD: Zombie Analyzer"

All wrong.

I know Im a new member so you probably dont care BUT, zombies do NOT sleep in churches or anywhere else. I am obsessed with zombies. I have read both of Brooks' books and Ive seen all of George Romero's films. I think if you did a little bit more research, this could have been good. If you plan on making anything else related to zombies, I suggest research.

cool game

i liked it but the second minnie game was not really helpful and imbocile could hold a button down but the other two tested your reflexes all and all it was a great quiz i liked it 8/10 dude pretty good. hehe i got 79% : D


it was pretty good. Vote5 Rate7

It Was All Good. The Questions the Mini Games how ever there was some things about them that made me NOT want to give this a Perfect Zombie Quiz. this is why..... . . . . . . . . . . some Questions Force you to Guess cus it has no (I Dont Know) Option but it was not that bad cus some did have Negative Answers in them so i only took away only 2 points away. Then theres the mini games i liked all of em. but couldnt you have like made a Mini Games Option in the Main menu? and make The Games Bigger like the one where a bunch of Zombies Are Chasing you and you gotta get al the Flags Before They Reach you? to me i liked it but......i Wanted MORE LEVELS in it :*(........hmm maybe a 2 player option in it? hows that Sound too All of you? P.S This is my First Review about a Zombie Quiz..er ANY Quiz For that matter and i just have Basic Knowledge when it comes too Zombies lol Just a Noob....um does anyone know where the Word Noob Came From? cus i for one......Have no FREAKIN IDEA!!!..........thats it im eatin pizza!

Very nice!

Very nice! The design could be better, but the quiz was fun. The mini games add something special to it.

very great

i got 51% so im not that bad, i think, lol umm but overall this game is good cause its very detailed and it has mini games in it =]