Reviews for "QOTLD: Zombie Analyzer"

It was cool

Although some aspects of it were a little inaccurate and flawed, but still fun and pretty interesting. I only scored 65%... which is entirely untrue if they were Romero or Brooks zombies, which is completely what I would want zombies to be


I was described as needing to be in a group with better zombie killers to survive, but was still given the roll of an attacker.

Interesting, but seems a bit flawed.

It was good but...

Pretty inaccurate and not really long enough but It was fun to do. I was either a Romero or Brooks zombie.I would preferably fight a Brooks zombie as well.This is because zombies CAN'T RUN.There legs would snap off.


new age zombie :D

Pretty Cool

Heh I'd be a Return Zombie ^^