Reviews for "QOTLD: Zombie Analyzer"

good quiz

even when i have bigger survival chances in other zombie quiz (here only 43% im so fucked^^) is this the only one i like

It Is fun...

Really addicting, Infact I liked It. I didn't do so good through, I got A 64 which sucks. I consider A 75 or over to be passing.

pretty good



creepy music...im a attacker 2 and a techie 3, my chances surviving are exxelent but could be better i would be a old old zombie and im good at kiling all zombies but the ones that nukes make more of...exellent quiz but you could make more mini games


well im a new age zombie SCORE!!! and i can kill a brooks zombie by the way zombies (infection) can run but zombies (undead) cant