Reviews for "QOTLD: Zombie Analyzer"

Interesting and unique.

It doesnt matter if you know who made all those movies, or know who made movies, those minigames dont make sense! ITS ALL IN THE SURVIVAL THAT COUNTS not "personal knowledge on zombies"

There seems to be a max brooks in the end page: I suggest you re-read those and get some ideas on the quiz. and really, some of us don't know any of those characters you gave as results -1/5

to be honest, this isnt a very good zombie quiz.
most of the questions are biased, have no relevance to an actual zday apocalypse, or dont have enough answers. always include an "other" option for the questions, because maybe i dont play WoW or drink or work out or whatever. also, the minigames can be dropped. i dont want to be judged on my knowledge of a zombie based on how fat i can click a mouse. also, maybe a few more images/ picture would improve the overall layout. im sorry dude, buut when it comes to zombies i have to be honest.

also, no one cares what they will do when they are a zombie... because they will be dead anyway.

just horrible

this was a bad quiz. zombie knowledge is not about movies of your idol.
there were NO zombie knowledge questions in here!
and there were no questions about survival like: were do you go in an outbreak?
my advice: please do some more research before you make a quiz because i know a lot about zombies and in other quizes i get scores like 80-95 percent and in this quiz i had 61. and most of the questions were irrelevant(what kind off zombie would i be is not very interesting).i only gave this a 1-5 and a 3-10 because it was pretty fun to do but this quiz is bad.


not that good cuz you did A LOT of stupid questions