Reviews for "QOTLD: Zombie Analyzer"

very good zombie quiz

I got a 57%. I wrote down the other info but won't put it all here. I like all the different things that wer escored. Try making a back button on the results some time, though.

Not bad...

It seems your own zombie knowledge is good, I liked the what if questions and the final analysis was smart.
Could have made the questions scroll faster, and the minigames are about finger dexterity only which dilutes the concept some.
Still OK though, extra points because I like zombies!

Utter shit

Get your zombie facts straight , get better at flash, and not suck so bad.

no good

just not good
ur just copying survival quiz becaus eit was a hit
what do movies matter? if theres a real zombie outbreak then you can find out what kind fo zombie they are.
the if you were a zombie questions wer epointless. if i was a zombie and had control of myself id shoot myself to save others
minigames were pointless and had no help
whats in your house msot fo the time will b eirrelivant houses are bad palces to hide stronger structures are much better or boats
everyhting in it was just movies-no movies were based on true events- your ebst bet is the zombie survival guide because at least it claims they are real and has some sense to it.

just another copycat wanting in on teh action


You would get a higher score if it didn't look like you took it off of the zombie survival quiz. You did put in some questions for zombies, though it's illogical, they are original. The mini games are original too, but they are very simple and tiring.

Try something that is at least better than a counter part.