Reviews for "QOTLD: Zombie Analyzer"


At first, I though that it sucked but when i got my reviews at the end.
I am ben, cause i kick ass.
I know little about surival, but ive seen night of the living dead and I am not the guy who wants to be "in the basement"!
My zombies are like the dawn of the dead, but reise from infection like max brooks
It turns out that im ebst agains brooks zeds, and I read both books :)
Id be a good lead

so there is a lot of results. But this is more about entertainment than survival.

cool quiz

cool quiz but whats up with the mini games like run from the zombies its like imposable and do they add up to your final score?

ai gamisou re malaka

greek translation: very good game

pretty good!

were the games extra credit or something?

Not very good

I liked the effort and all but i thought that you did not really ask appropriate questions in order to analyze someones survival capability in the case of a zombie outbreak.

p.s. i did like the questions on George Romero cuz i know i got them all right.