Reviews for "Looking Up"

ha ha

you are very creative and I thought it was great

loved it, music suited and the drawings were not the best but kinda suited the situation

that should get tried in real life


music and ending was funny you rock however I would used :3 smiley on stealers face meh


This was just fun to wath and the music was just the best.


Great video, it was perfect and surprising. You must make another, something similair, maybe a different distraction. Lol, you could come ut with a series. Same guy, different fools who fall for his tricks. Each time, he's staring at something new, and he get's the losers who will stare at it too! Think about it.

Aweeesomeee :D

Wuhu this Flash was cool, Minimal animations, but maximum fun :D
I realy liked the sound, you should put it on the audio Portal if u made him urself, and the end was very funny too.