Reviews for "Space Invaders Extreme"

Classic, and way underrated

I found the game mecanics fantasic... I always sucked at it, but it's still fun. I was still able to make it to the end, and beat the mother ship. Love the Congradulations screen. :P Everything looked great, though they were sprites, they were still awesome. While some of the hand-drawn stuff seemed out of place (namely the pylon), it all pulled together and was a really enjoyable experience.

It's a shame that it appears all the smart NewGrounders are doing easter things today and all the retards were left to review this game. My only suggestion would be some ships move to fast, you said that some move the same speed of the cannon, but if thats true you can't catch up with them, although I see how that can work if you're on the left side. Maybe those should only be in the later levels, adding a different kind of difficulty other than needing a higher score.

But my complaints would definatly have to be that space invaders are WAY to weak, and the numbers are totally broken. Hope that my not-elaborating helps you fix your game. -.-

Nerd-02 responds:

Thanks it took a lot of time and energy to write the script for that screen, wonder how many people saw it? And I guess I'm going to need a pylon sprite lol. I was thinking of making the enemies in the latter levels move faster but I wanted everyone to be blown away from the first level and not play the easy first level vote 0 assuming the later levels are the same.

Oh and don't worry i have given steroids to space invaders and the numbers have been sent away to be fixed. It's ok not to explain yourself, you see, I can read minds as well as speak idiot. tankz 4 teh revew lonz lawl :p

Not Bad

I'm not saying this is god's gift to flash animation, but I think you're definately on to something here. As the reviewer before me said, maybe do some upgrades, like a laser that kills multiple enimies at once or something. But unlike traditional space invaders, maybe after a certain amount of kills or high hit% a drop or powerup happens where you can detatch from the left/right scroller and actually fly around temporarily. I've always wanted to do that in the old game, but never could ya know? And hey, it's a game about coordination, so if one crashes into you while flying, then you fail that level. And also to the noob sitting at the far right and hammering at the spacebar can be fun, seeing as how sometimes the faster ones still get away. All in all, an interesting game

Just a thought.

Nerd-02 responds:

Yay! Thank you for you're great review. I'm defiantly making upgrades a part of my next game and your idea of detaching and flying around is very original. My next games will defiantly try to look at things from a different perspective and offer something new to people. And I'll also make sure you can't spawn kill...friken spawn killers.

heh teams?

hey i really liked your game alot, i checked out some of your other ones too. i want to start another game project, would you like to team up?
you can check out some of my stuff too. =]

Nerd-02 responds:

I'm always interested in teaming up with fellow flash artists. Sorry for being so late with a response, sometimes I just forget to check to see if I have any responses on my submissions. :P If you're still interested you can PM me.

A Few Things

Increase the framerate.

Nerd-02 responds:

thats actually just one thing.

not to shabey butt it cold us som worek dood

i wold hav likd som recage and exploseans butt othar thin thet it was awsome a++

Nerd-02 responds:

Thanks at lease SOME PEOPLE know how to write a good review with opinions that make sense. Oh by the way do you think space invaders are weak? oh and do you by any chance think the numbers are broken? Just curious.