Reviews for "School 13 - I.A.C.W."


Those graphics were really good. I did not mind that it was Russian. In some aspect it almost added a whole new level to the film. The sounds were perfect and clear. It almost seems to good. This definitely deserves its award.

Nightwayfarer responds:

I am honored

you should have answered all Cs...

thats what i do and i get b or b+ all the time. twas a great animation and i loved it.

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It was well voiced, well animated, and it was actually very FUNNY! Can't say that of a lot of flashes these days. I love Russian for no apparent reason so thats +1 too. 5/5, good job and I'd love to see more.


5/5 10/10 need i say more

Nice work!

This sounds better if you know rus and do not read the subs.. The Rus swearing was awesome! :) Every word in the right place meaning awesome text!