Reviews for "School 13 - I.A.C.W."


That is soooooooooooooooooooo cool! The artwork is nicely done, the song is fitting perfectly, not to mention the theme (kind of reminds me I have a thesis to write-but hell, I'll just browse newgrounds some more).
Great work and a big 5 from me.

Nightwayfarer responds:


Oceni harasho!

very nice
i like graphics (starting from the preloader)
storyline is quite good, funny and ... reflecting the sad truth on our lifes ... damn computer games, ruined my life with those :)))
sound, preety decent, voice acting quite good, music fits very well
what to say more... guess: Welcome to my favourite list

Nightwayfarer responds:

The fact, that you liked it is all i need)
I hope that the joury(or how is it correct to say in english) will like it to on april 5 - that's the day, when the film festival starts.. i might win somrthing :p
P.S. If you and others knew russian language, you would have liked this movie even more, and I bet it, because reading is boring, and you waste your time on it, instead of watching the pictures