Reviews for "Mahjong Burger"

Nice game

Even though this isn't my favorite type of game, it was well done. Nice animation with no lag. You should try making a time management game (something like diner dash just as an example). You are on the right track!


mahjong has always been a fun game to me but it gets repetitive and boring..that's it's b been it's only problem


If this could be anymore like work than a game I'ld throw up in my trash can. Frankly making matches (doing the work) while two useless people wander around eat and sleep ranks this with the other crap that's marked as a people trainer. Let's train you to do a simple repetitive task. Oh and you might say hey she tells of matches, frak you that's like saying gee put the red 9 on the black 10. Shut the 43ll up. So umm yeah please by all means make a sequel that blows your brains out.

A Concerned Gamer.

Mmmm, Donut

Well Mahjong is a game that can get repetitive for me if I continue to play it for too long. A lot of things were made very well in this game. Color-coding the tiles, variety of products, and highlighting the spots where you could match were all good additions. The music was perfect. The interface made well.

I think the only problem was the addition to the gameplay. Sure the construction belt was good, but most of the time I was so busy trying to find the tiles to even look at what was going on elsewhere. The characters were cool and the background was cool, but I wish there was something else besides the 'time issue'.

A couple of suggestions is what I've seen in the other food games. Perhaps you could change it up so time isn't really an issue. You could have customers come up and want 'orange tile product' or 'a burger'. Then the quicker you get a match to what they want, the more bonus points or reputation you receive. You could even throw in that you could use this to buy the items you have linked inside the tiles or use your own imagination to what you could buy that could improve gameplay. Another idea is to link up the items. Let's say you save your last four matched item on the bottom of the screen. If 3 are the same color or all 4 are different (for example), then you get something special - perhaps some money from your boss.

There are a couple of things I could think up, but the things I listed above should give you some idea what I am talking about. Otherwise the game was pretty good as is.

wasn't bad

i enjoyed it, good job