Reviews for "Mahjong Burger"

good game i got 2 level 7

it was a good game not my favortie but it was nice to play a game of mahjong again so thanks for helpin meh


This game is really basic, boring and repetetive.
Should only be played by 3 to 8 year olds, reason being it's a game aimed at little kids who would enjoy this.

a nice remake of mahjong

cute, very cute
but really nothing new
and the conveyor belt items are far too random... it introduces chance in mahjong, and that's not to its advantage
anyway, good game nevertheless

Rememebr NG is for everyone!

This is a great game, I let my daughter play this and she loves it! She's only 6, so guys give me a break. The animation is colorful, the game play is challenging enough for my kid. Obviously some people have their own ideas of whatkind of submissions NG should have, but get a clue! The motto isn't By everyone, for everyone for a reason! Thanks for a great submission, this is one game that I am even proud to play.

It was okay.

Typical regular classic game with a few spruce ups. I dont really like the fact you made it Anime based due to the main reason that its completely over used but, I thought it was cute.
I recommend that you change the burgers to something different, because it's easy to get mixed up between them espically if you can't see the rest of it (Sometimes theres a stack in the way and you can only see the top of the burger without telling if its triple layered, double layered, etc.,). Unless you intended it to be that way which if so, would be really irritating.