Reviews for "-Darth raver-"

Can't..give in...to the dark side...

Aaaah what tha hell they haz cookies! =3 Love this song! Instant dowload and rates!

Just when Star Wars could'nt get any Nerdier...

Wow I can't believe I'm listening to this orgasmic music seriously the Imperial March theme gets a techno rave theme? Duuude that is fucking sick. Especially if it sounds as good as this.

I also think the Darth Vader voice was a nice touch. Sure compliments the song too.

That being said great job Waterflame keep it going!


Imagine Darth Vader and the Emperor in the disco with storm trooper backup ready to rock the stage. Sidious would be the DJ.

Very awesome. One of my favorites so far. This song reminds me of Star Wars.

I am your father... NOOOOO!!!! THE SONG IS TOO GOOD!!!
:D I wuv you.