Reviews for "-Darth raver-"

I agree I heard of bit of hardcore.

Wow, you really can make anything awesome...

Darth Vader: Admiral get out the disco floor out.
Admiral: Yes my lord, opening disco floor. Commander get out the disco ball
Commander: Yes admiral.
Admiral: You now have the floor my lord.
Darth Vader: Thanks admiral. ( darth vader starts breaking some moves)
Emperor: (walks in) May I Join?
Darth Vader: Let me see how you use the force.
Emperor: Lets see who has more skills with the power of the dark side. (competition starts) (Disco Party)
Who will win? Great song, this is really good star wars party music

lol cool remix its funny

I am your father... NOOOOO!!!! THE SONG IS TOO GOOD!!!
:D I wuv you.