Reviews for "-Darth raver-"


Just because I love Star Wars ! haha Sweet!

the imperial

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


You nowet a spot on my favorites list.

The dark side

Well I guess if by power of the dark stick his lightsaber got turned into a glowstick and he was raving the night away then I guess that's cool with me anyways since it gives a break from him choking people to death all the time anyways.

Nice effective use of his vocals here.

The synth sounds pretty classy yet very fast as well and very fast too. The bass line is so deep and wet that you kind of feel like getting up and playing with glowsticks the whole night. The drums were quite simple though as they play along on this one too.

The tune is just pretty cool and has a strange imperial march mix added onto it I see.

Overall, very cool raving remix.

"Join the darkside we have raves!"

"I find your godlike beat almost disturbing" -Darth Vader