Reviews for "-Darth raver-"

Great song

Join us luke... come to the dance side. But serisouly, awsome, great tunes and beat. Very original !.

A sexy, fast-paced beat.

Another well-executed production of rhythm. I do enjoy your music, I must admit. However, songs such as this one create a feeling that is more of a "Foot-Tapping" rather than a "Get-Up-Out-Of-The-Chair-And-Lose-Yo-
Mind". Songs that involve popular beats, like the Imperial March used in this song, are also often used, by the listener, as a means to stimulate the listener's imagination. The listener will sometimes create a scenario and have the new song playing in the background. In this case, I tried to think of Darth Vader walking with Storm troopers marching behind him, but when I tried to match the tempo, I saw everything like it was on Fast-Forward.
You did branch away from a repetitious remix of the Imperial March at 00:51, which only made me like this remix even more. The audio bits of Darth Vader were also a nice touch. :)
Overall, I enjoyed this remix, but I felt like something was missing. An intense beat to go with an exciting tempo really kept me listening. Thanks for reading, and keep up the great work! :) (4/5, 8/10)


makes me think of vader banging his head while holding two people up with sith lighting on either side of him, then busting into a groove while still shocking the crap out of these two helpless people

:D nice!

makes me want to break out and bust a move in front of a large crowd... nice job


I felt happiness, joy, and excitement while listening to this!