Reviews for "-Darth raver-"


Imagine Darth Vader and the Emperor in the disco with storm trooper backup ready to rock the stage. Sidious would be the DJ.


I love what you've done with this song ... it's like Darth Vader dancing with this song xD ... I love the beats and the background voice ... overall great ... keep it up!

Listened on loop for 20 minutes.

I know some people who would call this an abomination and I pity anyone who lets musical ideals get in the way of experiencing the glorious NOISE.

Lol i looked and i was the 5,000th listener.

So you know i HAD to make a review.
So in the begining i was excited cause i love starwars. And oh gosh, you had me.
When the song first actually broke out in to the rave i automaticly downloaded it and was going to show it to my friends and family (only the ones who liked starwars though :).)
I loved the clips of darth vader. It just added more to it.
When i listen i could just stand up and just break out dancing.
I also think starwars has one thing better than the trekkys out there.
Overall i loved this song and give it 5/5 10/10 favorite and Download.

Just when Star Wars could'nt get any Nerdier...

Wow I can't believe I'm listening to this orgasmic music seriously the Imperial March theme gets a techno rave theme? Duuude that is fucking sick. Especially if it sounds as good as this.

I also think the Darth Vader voice was a nice touch. Sure compliments the song too.

That being said great job Waterflame keep it going!