Reviews for "-Darth raver-"

i like the songs title

great job with the song beats are very catchy
LMFAO i would've imagined how darth vader would go nuts over this song XD

Feel the Dance Power of the Force.

Cool thing - it was the first one i listened to when got on your page. At first i thought that there's something wrong too like D-code said, but on 3rd play i started to like that. Keep making good tracks ;)

I loved it! ^^

Dude, why rate him low for doing something someones already done? Until you come up with a better one, don't tell the artist how to work! -.-

I have heard many remixes of the Imperial March, and while this is not my favourite, I still really love it. It does have a very creative feel to it and puts an incredibly different spin on the Imperial March. :)

Very disappointing.

It's a very generic remix of the imperial march which means it's below average quality. Too bad it is very repetative so i will never want to listen to it again. Being uncreative like that is simply not you style. What happened? What really bothered me was the error in the main synths at :21 , :47 and so on as it repeats very often...
At least carefully listen to the original if you want to remix it.
Also remixing the imperial march doesn't make anyy sense as this was done to death even by Lucas Arts (Rage and Leviathan remix) and they are by far better than this.
I guess not all music artists are supposed to make remixes of the imperial march, the ice cap from sonic3 or mario remixes. Please stay away from them!

Haaah... fwoooo.... haaah... fwoooo....

Nothing further.