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Reviews for "Super Energy Apocalypse"


I think its the best ecological-teaching game I've ever seen

perfect work

Fun Game!

I hope you win that jayisgames competition- yours is my favorite out of all the other entrants.

Things I'd suggest for improvement:

1) A restart level button. There were a few times I wasted my initial resources on the wrong buildings and screwed myself over- make it so that I don't have to wait to die or restart the entire game.

2) Save game feature/ level select. I know the game is pretty short, but I don't really want to have to play through the tutorial levels to play the fun ones (I loved the last mission and that geothermal mission)

Good job, I'm hoping for a sequel.

LarsiusPrime responds:

Those features should be in there...

1) Hit "menu" when you're in a level, there should be "RESET" to reset the individual level

2) Whenever you quit, it should save the latest level you've reached, and say "continue campaign" on the main screen from then on, letting you restart from there at any time you come back, even if you close the game or restart your computer.

Let me know if it works! It works for me.


This is amazing. It's really cool.

For people with black and white screen, why don't you just wait? Don't rate the game 0 just because you can't manage to get it working.


the only thing I get is a white and black screen.
I use FireFox.

Just one thing...

It was a little laggy which made it boring after sitting there waiting for your 40 seconds of night to pass, but i didn't lower the rating because of that. After a while it became repetitive, but after you got to a certain level, it would introduce lots of new game styles and challenges to overcome. All in all, good game!