Reviews for "Super Energy Apocalypse"


but id never play it twice cuzz theres no save and id rather not start over

Great! but...

i got to the level when you gotta save the other fortress and it got extremly laggy! it took an hour for a second to go by! Overall: Its great but needs some work.
PS i never got past that level but i bet the rest is great! (but laggy)


Way too laggy, it ended up crashing my pc. Doesn't save progress. Could be a good game if fixed.

Fun Game

Fun game u get edumakted while killing zombies what else can u ask for. One problem is the boxes when there a pollutants or waste builds up can cause problems. Maybe put a option to get rid of them.


I like this game, but what would be useful for people with slower computers or for the more complex levels, is an option to turn off warnings such as food deficit and the ones you get when (nuclear) waste is piling up.

Also, when waste is polluting, why do my engineers sit there and seemingly do nothing, other than using energy without being able to disable them?
I didn't have a landfill at the time, could that be the reason? If so, why do they use energy?