Reviews for "TT: 004 Educated Fish"


i like the randomness (the element of suprise) i never gussed that it would be well that! but i like the other TT's better, and BTW is TT:002 runner 1 on you tube? i want to put it on my ipod.....so reply pls ^_^

killer song!!

nice animation, but excelent lip-sync style... very good movie!!

added to my favorites

"an educated fish who could drive heavily armored artillery military vehicles"

what an innovation!LOL

made me laugh hard

9/10 stars
5/5 votes


LOL that was funny I want that fish =D.

Nice one!

That was quirky and a lot fun! I loved the simple style and how the scenes flowed.

I've heard the song on songstowearpantsto before, and I think you've captured the tone of it quite well. You've quite done it justice. :)