Reviews for "TT: 004 Educated Fish"


i like the randomness (the element of suprise) i never gussed that it would be well that! but i like the other TT's better, and BTW is TT:002 runner 1 on you tube? i want to put it on my ipod.....so reply pls ^_^

Dude this is so awesome!

" Not like that pretty fish over there cuz she's hot!" Awesome thing dude i bet u could make an educated fish vid game! Now that would be a laugh! Good job!

F U N N Y ! ! !

This is so random its funny, even the fish started to realize ..... OMG IM A FISH DRIVING A TANK "THIS DOESNT SEEM PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE".....


pretty random
and funny

PS: your lip-sync rocks guys


damn that fish is hot