Reviews for "TT: 004 Educated Fish"


It was randomly laughable I love it, but I felt like the song could have rhymed, but even so it was charming and funny keep up the good work :D

Fucking Hilarious! :D

Very funny, really random but liked it, keep it up!
Animation could've been better but it wasnt that bad, but great idea.

Can't get enough of this

It was pretty cool at first with the song... but when the music stopped it got even funnier. I loved the awkward way that the fish was talking

"I'm in a war. It's not pretty. Not like that... fish over there who i'm attracted to. She's pretty..... pretty hot." XD

I crack up every time i see that part ahahahaha

Nicely done

That was good solid work. The graphics seemed to be pretty crude at first, but it was visible that the effect was intended. High quality simpleness, so to speak. The part I liked best was in the fish academy. As reviewers before me have mentioned your lip-synch was pretty awesome. I tried really hard to spot a transition point wear it was possible to see the animator switch but didn't find one, so kudos. It still somehow missed this special something though. But you guys are definately getting there. Keep on rolling.

funny >:(

This was pretty funny.
I'd be lying if I said the art was good, but the animation was spot on!

I liked the random >:( on the female fish at the end