Reviews for "TT: 004 Educated Fish"


i like the fish, that was hella funny! i agree with Tez710, that face he makes at the end, the Ren and Stimpy face, that was hilarious!!!

gimme a god damn mountain dew >_<

OMFunkkingG do you have any idea how many times i have watched this? argh, its not pretty, unlike the fish over there! i dont know why, but that fish face at the end cracks me every time, even tho i know its coming and everything!!!


The song reminds me of Songs to Wear Pants To in its randomness.

soooooo friggin' funny!!

Was this 2.nd or 3.rd add from TT today? ( Yes, i'm a heavy user, not broud from dat)

That was fucking lovely

I loved it, it was like being stung by nice.

4.5 measuring jugs out of 5.