Reviews for "TT: 004 Educated Fish"


Rock on babe, this was hilarious.


where does that fish live! ima beat him up! he saying my gf (even tho she fish) is pretty!

Sorry man...

I wanted to give you a 9 at first, but, at the end, it sort of deteriorated into junk. I gave you a 7, because of the good start. If it was like the start, through to the end, it would've been a 9 or 10. Sorry.


my favorite part was him and the girl fish "shes pretty"


lol that was random. i would of added a ending of the song ufta the hot fish part. even it it was jsut the one line "IM AN EDUCATED FISH!!!" then end the flash. that would of been a beta ending in my opinon. still great clip