Reviews for "In The Jungle Of Rot"

I'm an average NG user.

I'm pretty stupid and I hate thinking. My favourite things are explosions, blood, and Mario farting. Seeing as how this didn't have any of those, and I'm far to dull witted to give any thought to this at all, I'm afraid I have to vote 0!

Yeah, anyway, I loved it. It wasn't much, but I kept me happy and interested for a few minutes which is more than I can say for alot of things these days.

notorious responds:

lmfao thanks P.S. your part in the 'Pass My Flash Collab' was sweet


A nice little tidbit. The whole guys on balloons thing was really clever, and I enjoyed this. It didn't keep my attention for longer than a few minutes, but how can I not 10 this... its just awesome.

notorious responds:

yea bra!

You should be ashamed of yourself

You melancholic curr.

Nah, just kidding. It was fun, good job with the graphics, you loon.


notorious responds:

hey send me some of yo mamas delicious banana bread ;)


Oh this was FABULOUS!


If im not smart enough to get this then you my friend are thinking on an entirely different level......all I found were some letters

notorious responds:

well that's the most hidden part so not bad