Reviews for "[SG] gRAVE!"

It's on.

I'm stepping up next rave just cuz of this :)

But awesome. fivveeenn :D

DeathShades responds:

We'll see you try! HA!
Serious, the next one should be a collab, neh? Hell, you're lucky I co-authored you on this one, I could have just said ur stick people were my own creation and had you go fuck off =p

lol jk. thanks mate!

Just for this I'm joining you guys.


good. its ok!

i think its a good flash, but if it was having a story, and wasnt a loop it could get so much cooler. still, a good flas movie. nice animation, style, and music. i guess its ok. just add warnings for the flashing lights.good movie

DeathShades responds:

er... sure, circle, im gonna bend over backward just for you...

I know it's looped animation, but good.

Looped animation, of course. But good animation and stuff.

DeathShades responds:

Thanks! It's always great to get a semi-useful review...

or at least one that isn't abusive...

over and over

this is cool but it does the same thing over and over again so i get bored quick

DeathShades responds:

Well, yeah, rave animations are SUPPOSED to be never-ending...