Reviews for "[SG] gRAVE!"

leave warnings!!

dude it wasnt bad for me but u should leave some sort of a warning if ur gonna post something that could cause seisures my frend has a form of epilepsy so i dont appreciate these posts without warning

DeathShades responds:

Dude, trust me- Axe's raves are WAY more likely to kill you.

And honestly, NG is the LAST place anyone with epilepsy should be. The site on its own would kill you, let alone any of the animations...

It's on.

I'm stepping up next rave just cuz of this :)

But awesome. fivveeenn :D

DeathShades responds:

We'll see you try! HA!
Serious, the next one should be a collab, neh? Hell, you're lucky I co-authored you on this one, I could have just said ur stick people were my own creation and had you go fuck off =p

lol jk. thanks mate!